Traditional Ceremony

The Traditional Celebration Option

This option is for the family that holds to the more traditional practices of the Christian faith.

The motivation behind the ceremony           

As a child, Jesus was brought by Joseph and Mary to the House of the Lord. This was an act of dedication and recognition that He really belonged to God. Throughout His ministry, people brought children to Jesus and He placed His hands on each of them, and blessed them. Christians are to recognize everything we have belongs to God (Psalm 127:3-5). The children that are born into our homes belong to Him as well. This new life celebration is not the salvation of the child, but a public expression and declaration of the fact that they do belong to God, as well as a public declaration by the parents that they will seek to do everything in their power, as God gives them wisdom, to see their child(ren) grow up to respect and honor God, and to love and serve Jesus Christ as their Saviour. The ceremony is more than a ritual. It is a commitment of parents to honor the will and Word of God. One of our greatest delights is the dedication of a child and the commitment of parents to seek to fulfill the purposes of God. Most celebrations are done in a home with relatives and friends present. We have a sample of the celebration available for you as well as suggestions as to how family and friends can be involved in the ceremony.

Our approach for the ceremony      

Our new life celebration is based on the teachings, practices, and life of Jesus who spoke often of the faith of children and importance we play as parents in raising each child in the wisdom of God and the Bible. Our ceremonies are fun, simple and very profound for all involved. We meet with you to discuss what the celebration is all about and to help you as parents understand the significance and importance of the ceremony. We incorporate Christian values and practices such as Bible readings and prayers as well as an anointing of the child with oil.

An outline of the ceremony


Explanation of the celebration

Opening Prayer of Blessing

Inspirational or Scripture Reading

Motivational Moment

Charge to Parents

Affirmation of Parents

Charge to godparents

Affirmation of godparents

Charge to Friends and Family

Affirmation of Friends and Family

Anointing of Child

Prayer of Dedication

Presentation of Certificate

Closing Words

The services you receive

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