Contemporary Ceremony

The Contemporary Celebration Option

This option is for the family that is spiritual (or not), but not committed to any particular religious denomination or faith group. The heart of the ceremony is the 'village manifesto'.  This manifesto has been created by our team at Celebrating Life and is based on our collective experience as parents. It is composed of values which we believe every parent wants to see instilled in their child's life.

The motivation for the ceremony           

The motivation for this style of ceremony is the celebration of the arrival of a new baby. It is a welcome to the world party!

Our approach for the ceremony

Simple, elegant and fun are common words to describe the approach to this style of celebration. Usually close family and friends attend this party bearing gifts, food and such. The celebration is not liturgical, but rather contains elements of involvement such as the reading and signing of the manifesto.

An outline of the ceremony


Inspirational Reading

Motivational Moment

Reading of the Manifesto

Signing of the Manifesto

Inspirational Reading

Closing Words of Affirmation

The services you receive

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