Blended Ceremony

The Blended Celebration Option

This style of ceremony is perfect for the family that would like to combine components from both traditional and contemporary celebrations.    

The motivation for the ceremony

The motivation is the belief that there is importance in both spiritual/divine and family values. When we embrace the values and teachings of the Bible we cannot help but see that the best values for raising a child are found in the unchanging truth of God.       

Our approach for the ceremony      

Simple yet meaningful! We combine the best of both the contemporary and the traditional ceremonies, making this the most common choice for parents. This ceremony has a real community feel to it with everyone in your 'village' being involved.

An outline of the ceremony


Explanation of the Celebration

Opening Prayer or Blessing

Inspirational or Scripture Reading

Motivational Moment

Charge to Parents

Affirmation of Parents

Charge to godparents

Affirmation of godparents

Charge to Family and Friends

Affirmation of Family and Friends

Reading of the Manifesto

Signing of the Manifesto

Anointing of Child

Prayer of Dedication or Blessing Reading

Presentation of Certificate

Closing Words

The services you receive

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