What We Believe

Our ceremony is built on four foundational principles. These principles help form and shape the purpose and process for each celebration. We do not require that every participant share or wholly embrace each of these principles; however, we believe that understanding these principles gives greater clarity, purpose and meaning to the ceremony.

Principle 1

We believe that every child is created by God. We believe that every child is a masterpiece and that there is no such thing as a child being here by accident.

Principle 2

We believe that children and parents are divinely brought together. The parent-child connection is not an accident, it is intentional. God knew that your child was perfect for you and you were perfect for your child. As a matter of fact, God knew all about this perfect match before we were born.

Principle 3

We believe that intentionally caring for and developing the spiritual part of a child's life is just as important as their physical, emotional and intellectual development. We believe that every person is created and designed as body, spirit and mind. We are physical, emotional and spiritual beings, and these three parts of who we are cannot be successfully compartmentalized.

Principle 4

Our ceremonies are relationship focused, not religion focused. We believe that the greatest responsibilities we have as God's creation is to live loving God and loving others.